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PVC Inflatable Water Tanks

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PVC inflatable water tanks are versatile and portable water storage solutions constructed from durable and flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. These tanks offer a range of capacities suitable for various applications, from emergency water supply to disaster relief and remote construction projects. The collapsible design allows for easy transportation and quick deployment, making them ideal for temporary water storage needs in different locations. PVC inflatable water tanks require minimal assembly and are cost-effective alternatives to traditional rigid water storage options. 

They find extensive use in firefighting, agriculture, camping, and other situations where mobile and temporary water supply is essential. The PVC material used is often treated to be UV-resistant and safe for potable water, ensuring the water\'s quality and suitability for consumption. Regular maintenance ensures their longevity and reliability, making PVC inflatable water tanks invaluable tools for efficient water storage and distribution in diverse settings.

Technical  Specifications:
Size (L x W x H)Capacity
130cm x 65cm x 30cm200 Liter
160cm x 150cm x 50cm1000 Liter
200cm x 200cm x 50cm2000 Liter
300cm x 200cm x 50cm3000 Liter
400cm x 200cm x 75cm6000 Liter
800cm x 200cm x 75cm12000 Liter
1200cm x 200cm x 75cm18000 Liter

• Durable & Easy to Handle
• Inlet & Outlet Valves
• Made Of Heavy Duty PVC Coated Fabric
• Includes Repair Kit
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